Press Play While Others Pause

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

I never thought I'd have to write this blog post.

To be honest, no one did. I bet you're wondering how you got into this situation as well. What seemed like a promising Spring Semester of 2020, has quickly spiraled into isolation, fear, and boredom. In 2020 the old saying has become brutally true,

"We're more connected than ever digitally, but more relationally isolated than ever before."

As one of today's college students, you've been impacted more than just about any category of people in the country. Your social scene has come to grinding halt. Your classes are now exclusively online. Your college experience has seemingly been put on pause.

Here at StuMo Online, we want to change that story.

StuMo Online’s purpose is to create a community helping students like you grow in your faith and leadership by tackling topics relevant to you, right now. For the foreseeable future, we are committed to bringing you the best podcasts, videos, and articles to your doorstep daily. By engaging with us you'll have the opportunity to grow in your faith and leadership like never before.

Our hope is that you'll be one of the few students who bucks the status quo and commits to growing despite what everything else in the world is telling you. Become the leader God called you to be. We're committed to helping you do just that.

Welcome to the movement!