We Are Better Together

Updated: May 7, 2020

What's your best friend group like? Those friends that you do everything with. The ones that you have the group text with that's always going off and filled with funny memes. The group of friends that feel closer than your family. If you’re like me you found them in college. 

My closest friends during college were Morgan, Kelsey, and Makenzie. The four of us were always together. We lived just rooms apart in the sorority house, until eventually moving into an apartment together our senior year.  We went to countless college functions and sporting events. The four of us would go on late night slurpee runs while studying. We’d plan trips to each other's hometowns during the breaks. 

One of my favorite memories was during the final days of all living together in the sorority before the summer. We asked our house mom if we could stay an extra night after the house closed.  She agreed and we merged our beds together in one room to create a mega bed. Our laughing and goofing off filled the entire eighty person house.  

They were the most fun friends!

What I valued most was their fellowship and accountability. The four of us participated in Bible studies and different leadership roles in our sorority and on campus. Those three women would ask me great questions that made me really think. 

They would be there for me when hard news would come or when one of us was overwhelmed with our school load. They would ask me to read my Bible with them and memorize scripture. They would encourage me to run for leadership roles that I wouldn’t have otherwise. They would even challenge me to share my faith with my classmates and other sorority sisters.  

These girls made me better.  

I imagine a lot of you either already have or were starting to create groups of friends like this.  Friends that you went to StuMo events with, that you were in Bible studies with, that you went to when you were feeling upset. Fellowship with friends that add to your life, that make you better.  

We can all agree that we REALLY miss running around campus with our friends, right? Just because we are physically apart, doesn’t mean we have to stop getting better together.  

We can build fellowship into our lives by initiating with those friends.  

I love the verse Proverbs 27:17.  It says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This verse is telling us that we are better, sharper together!  

Here are two benefits of continuing to initiate with friends that make you better.  


Have you ever completed a service project or done something for a friend that really helped them out? Did you feel happy that you did that? I definitely have.  

Hebrews 13:16 says, “And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need.”  

Helping our friends process their feelings about COVID-19 or a divorce in their family, sending someone $5 for a to-go coffee, initiating a Zoom hangout just for fun fellowshipall of these can help our friends, and in return, help us too.  


Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  

Obviously, we can DO more when we are together, no brainer. But have you thought about how we can BE more together?  When you decide to initiate fellowship with your group of friends that make you better, you are growing! You are living a richer life than one alone—a fuller life than one alone.  

We’re better together. 

This week, I encourage you to initiate intentional time with a group of friends.  When I say intentional, I mean time that you want to get something out of. Maybe that's a Bible study, an accountability group, or a hangout to just ask how everyone is doing. Who are some friends or mentors that you could do that with this week? 

What kind of person do you want to be by the end of this quarantine season?

What can you add to your friends' lives?  

Leave a comment with those answers so we can all get some ideas from each other. Look at us, already making each other better!

Discuss these questions with a friend or spiritual leader to help apply today's reading:

  1. Who are a couple people that have helped you grow in your faith? How have they done that for you?

  2. What is a way that you can take initiative towards those people this week to continue to grow?

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