Biblical Fellowship

Discussion Topics

Biblical Fellowship is a group of people who get together to accomplish loving God and loving others.

As we mentioned, Biblical Fellowship is not meant to be a robotic relationship with Q&A, but it may need to start off that way until you find a good rhythm! Biblical Fellowship is about completing a mission. It has a purpose! Loving God and loving others is very general. As your fellowship matures, you will start asking and being asked more specific questions.

To start off, I would pick a few or all of these questions and ask someone in your fellowship to ask you these questions on a weekly basis. If there is a particular topic you want to specify, then modify the question. Example: Instead of asking “What does your reading of the Bible look like?”, you may have challenged yourself to read one chapter of the Bible each day, so you may ask “How is reading one chapter of the Bible per day going?”. 


Loving God

How is your daily personal relationship with God? 

What does your reading of the Bible look like?

How is your prayer life? 

Is there anything you feel like God is telling you to do right now that you aren’t?

Is there any sin that is hiding that you need to talk to me about?


Loving others

How is sharing the love of Jesus with those around you going?

How well are you loving key relationships in your life?

Is there anyone you feel like you need to connect with right now?